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, | Unfiltered | June 9, 2019

A customer has brought a piece of fabric to another staff member.

Co-worker “(My name) this fabric has a hole cut in it, can we give a discount?”

Me *looking at hole and measuring fabric “Yes, you can make it $10”.

Customer “$10?  No, you do it for $6,”.

Me “No, I said $10, I can’t take it down to $6”

Customer “But it’s got a big hole in it, I’m not paying $10”.

Me “I’m already giving you more discount than I should, the hole is near the end of the fabric”.

Customer “The hole is huge, I can’t use that part”.

Me “The hole is right at the 2 metre mark, 10 cm from the edge, I”ve already given you more discount that I should have”

Customer “No, that piece isn’t worth $10.”

Me “That fabric is $16 a metre, there’s almost 2 metres of usable fabric there.  You are getting a bargain at $10.”

Customer *realising I know what I am talking about “Oh, I’ll take it then”.