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I now know why people ask if you want cheese on your cheeseburger when you
ask for only ketchup.

Customer: Excuse me, I want to make a complaint.

Me: What can I help you with, sir?

Customer: Every time I order from this location you guys f*** it up! I don’t
get it, is this store just full of morons? I asked for this pizza with
cheese only! What does this look like? (hands his pizza over)

Me: I don’t see anything but cheese sir, what else is on there?

Second customer: I think he means that there.

(I look closer but still don’t see anything. Meanwhile the customer is
getting more and more irate and mean while I’m trying to figure out what is
going on.)

Me: Sir, do you mean the sauce?

Customer: What do you think I mean when I say ONLY CHEESE! I cannot believe
how stupid you all are here. ONLY CHEESE, ONLY CHEESE! Just give me my money
back, I’m never coming here again.

(With relief I give him his money back, trying to ignore anything he is
saying from now on since his issue is basically solved to what he has
requested at this point.)

(As soon as he walks out the door I hear my co-worker say): I wish you could
talk back to customers they way they talk to us sometimes.

(Yeah, me too.)