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(I am a customer at an ice cream shop where each flavour is homemade in very small batches so that the ice cream is always fresh, never more than three days old. Because of this, it’s very common for them to run out of flavours. I’m trying to decide what I want since my favorite kind is sold out. A man walks in:)

Man: *looking expectantly at workers behind counter* “Hello!”

Worker 1: “Hi, sir. I’m sorry, but we only have one scoop of hazelnut left.”

Man: *suddenly angry* “One scoop? One scoop?! Who the bloody hell leaves one scoop?”

(The man storms out.)

Worker 2: “But..but we had one scoop left! Did he seriously just leave because he couldn’t have more than one?”

Worker 1: “That’s Two Scoop Hazelnut Man. He always gets two scoops, or else he won’t buy anything. You’ll get to know him.”

(I took the last scoop of hazelnut. Your loss, Two Scoop Hazelnut Man!)

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