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I’m the customer in this one. I have two email accounts, one for business and one for personal. My personal account is for all the random “create a sign in to comment” and such sites. My personal account has gotten hacked and the password changed.
I attempted to reset the password, but could not get the security question and answer right. The backup email was also changed. Unfortunately I have a couple games associated with this account, so I need to get it back. I have been fighting it for two weeks, and have reached the point where my account is now locked out.

Rep > Thank you for contacting Yahoo Support. How can I help you today?
Me > <explains situation above>
Rep > Do you have an alternate email address?
Me > Yes I do, but it is not the one on the account. It shows annoying@B****.com, so I suspect the hacker changed it.
Rep > Ok let me see if I can unlock and reset the password for you.
Me > Thank you.
Rep > Ok, so in order to reset it I will need you to answer the security questions.
Me > I tried but I wasn’t able to get them
Rep > Its ok, if its a type or a capetilization error, I could help you around that.
Me > Ok
Rep > The first question is where were you born?
Me > It would be <answer A>, but I may have put <answer b> or <answer c>
Rep > I’m sorry, that’s not what I have. Do you have anything else you would have put?
Me > I cant think of anything else, I tried everything I could think of.
Rep > Anything else at all? Something inappropiate?
Me > *Thinks for a few minutes, then it clicks*
Me > I think I know, but I dont want to say it. Is it F-*-*-*
Rep > Yes, that is it. And now the second question. What is the name of your first pet?
Me > You
Rep > That’s correct. I am now sending the reset to your backup email at XXXXX@yahoo.com
Me > Thank you so much.

What I had forgotten was several years back (when I was an early teen), Yahoo had updated to support security questions.
I just “skip now”‘ed the prompt for a long time, but eventually it forced me to enter the info.
I was so aggrivated that I answered the questions in order. Q1, Q2, back-up email. F**** You Annoying@B****.com

I picked real answers now and set my correct backup email, changing all my passwords to be safe.

Thank you Ms Customer Service Rep. I never would have thought that a decision several years earlier on a “throw away” account would cause me so much issues.

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