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(I work in a small cafe and we have a lot of regular customers – one afternoon I am manning the till when a man walks in)
Customer: Hi, my wife was here this morning and ordered 2 soy flat whites and they were wrong
Me: Sorry about that Sir, do you have a receipt?
Customer: I want a refund for my coffees
Me: I’m sorry Sir, I can’t do that without a recipt
Customer: Can I have free cakes?
Me: I’m sorry Sir I cannot give you free coffee or cake. If there was a problem with the coffees your wife should have brought them back this morning
Customer: But the coffees were wrong, I want free stuff
(At this point another employee had gone through the paper dockets we keep looking for his order)
Me: I am sorry Sir we have gone through our dockets and we do not have your order so without a receipt I cannot help you.
(He finally walks out annoyed, only to return on numerous occasions in the following weeks and months with the same story, clearly oblivious to the fact that I recognise him and will not give him free food)

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