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(I work in a relatively popular restaurant in a wealthy neighborhood, and have for 8 years. This evening we are quite busy with large groups – 6 or more people. A group of 11 ladies with no reservation come in and decide to sit outside on our covered terrace. We have a smoking bar next to the terrace which guests are informed of before they sit. One of the ladies waves me over.)

Customer: Miss, we were told this patio was non-smoking, but we smell smoke.

Me: I am sorry ladies. Yes, the patio is non-smoking, however there is a smoking bar nearby.

Customer: They said smokers have to go over there (she points to a bench out of the way).

Me: I am terribly sorry you were misinformed, ladies, but yes. The smoking bar is open tonight. Our apologies for the confusion.

(At this point, I go to head to my section as this is not my table and I overhear the woman say:)

Customer: Well, like YOU care, anyway.

(For whatever reason, this hit me the wrong way. Maybe it was because I had been working 12 hours already and it was humid as heck.)

Me: Ma’am, I DO care about my customers. Very much. Always do. But you were informed of the smoking bar. And I can’t move it for you.

(I walked away at this point. The manager came over and explained again that there was no other place for them to move to. The ladies tried to convince the manager to move the tables to a different spot on the patio, which was not going to happen.)