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Guest calls on their drive from LA to the Hotel.

Guest: Hi I need to speak to the manager.

Me: (Uh oh) I’m sorry, the manager is busy, can I help you with something?

Guest: Are YOU the manager?

Me: No, but I’m sure I can help you wi…

Guest: Well I need to speak to the manager because I have a very important request I need to know that the room has been inspected!

Me: Why yes, the rooms were just cleaned a few hours ago…

Guest: NO! I don’t need to know if they are clean, I need to know if they are inspected!?!

Me: (We are a new hotel…) Well ma’am we did just open and I can assure you all the rooms are in perfect condition. And our contracting consultant is still here on a regular basis.

Guest: I DON’T CARE WHAT CONDITION THE ROOMS ARE IN. Do you not understand me? I need my room inspected by your general manager! (SCREAMING) DO YOU HEAR ME!?!

At this point, I take a message for the GM who has talked to this lady several times. We go inspect the room, which of course is perfect…and the lady never said what she wanted inspected or why…but it had to be inspected…

So THEN, she arrives and wanders around the lobby, not speaking to anyone…until another guest arrives…then she comes up and interrupts my co-worker and demands to see the manager and claims that we ignored he because she wasn’t ‘Anglo’…

So we get her checked in, the GM takes her to her room personally…thankfully she stopped after that…

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