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, | Unfiltered | June 2, 2019

This older lady walks up to my register in a huff, complaining about the quality of our customer service and I can see that she’s been having a rough time. My coworker shoots me a warning look. So in an effort to help her mood and situation I go ahead and add a coupon to purchase. I tell her the total. She hands me the same coupon that I just used. Smiling, I tell her that I have already given her the coupon. She looks confused and then starts yelling at me, asking me why the heck would they bother to send her coupons then?! That she thought they were singling her out with the coupon to make her feel special, but that it was really a joke! If I was giving everyone a coupon then nobody was really special!! She swipes her card still upset and complaining and then walks off without her clothes. I run after her with her bag and she gets mad again like it was my fault she never grabbed it.