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At our store, we have a family who are quite notorious for being a lot of hardwork and particularly time consuming. One day, on the Easter Holidays, I drew the short straw and served them:
Customer: Why is the shopping centre shut? This is beyond ridiculous!
Me (having already answered this question a dozen times): I’m sorry Ma’am, it’s Easter Sunday, pretty much we’re the only store opened here.
Customer (absently, changing subjects): Easter is a time for family… *launches into a long spiel about how some family member of hers was fighting*
I continue to try and serve other customers while she is talking, as I’m too polite to say anything. She waits until I’m free, before asking me this question, note – I’m working at a movie rental store –
Customer: I really needed to do some shopping today… Have you got any carrots or apples for sale?

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