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So, there’s a regular that comes into my bakery. I started her nickname “crazy woman” because she always goes on random rants about anything & everything. One day our registers were short on small bills & I had the luxury on waiting on her.

Me: Is there anything else I can get for you?

Customer: No, that will be all.

Me: That’ll be 9$

Customer goes through her wallet. I noticed she had a five dollar bill & some singles. She hands me a 20$ bill.

Me: Is it okay if you pay with the smaller bills instead?

Customer: Oh, sure, that’s fine.

She hands over the small bills & I complete the transaction.

Me: Would you like your receipt?

Customer: No, but actually I need those bills back.

Me: I apologize, but I already closed the register.

Customer: Well open it!

Me: I can’t without a transaction.

Customer: This is an outrage! I’m a regular customer here & I deserve to be treated with more respect. Jesus wouldn’t condone this.

Me: Ma’am, just let me go get my assistant manager.

I walk away completely confused on the sudden bi-polar behavior. She later said she needed the money for her grand children’s lunch or something like that.