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(I’m a delivery driver for a flower shop. I go to an address but no one answers. My boss tells me to call the customer’s number. When I dial it, it shows up as a number from Pennsylvania.)

Customer: “Uh…hello?”

Me: “Hi, this the deliveryperson from [Flower Company] and…”

Customer: “Huh?!”

Me: “There’s flowers for you, do you want me to leave it on your doorstep or have you pick it up later from the shop?”

Customer: “What? I don’t understand? Sweetie, you know that you’re calling Pennsylvania, right? My phone’s showing you as a Virginian?”

Me: “Yes, I know. This is the number that was given to me when the order was placed.”

Customer: “No, you’re calling Pennsylvania, understand? You’re from Virginia and you’re calling Pennsylvania!” *laughs like I’m absurd*

Me: *getting frustrated* “I said I know and…oh never mind.”

Customer: “Hold on, let me put my husband on.”

(Her husband came on and he understood immediately what I was trying to ask and told me to leave it at the door. Apparently his wife didn’t understand that different states could call one another or that doing so was silly.)