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I used to work weekends at a bookshop that was next door to a national chain pub. One day a few years ago, a right-wing facist group was arranging to meet at the pub before marching to the town hall together as part of a peaceful protest (can’t remember what for). However, seeing as when I started at 11am, we could already hear them chanting and getting more and more angry (and drunk) it was clear it wasn’t going to be a peaceful march. We ended up locking our doors not long after I got there and being barricaded in the store while a riot took place literally right in front of our shop. This happened afterwards, after the riot had cooled down, but we’d been told to finish our shifts with the doors still locked doing all the jobs we never had time for at weekends.
Me: (Tidying shelves by the window)
Customer: (Banging on window) Are you open?
Me: No, I’m sorry. We’ll open as normal tomorrow.
Customer: But your sign says you’re open till 5pm. It’s only half 3!
Me: There was a riot this morning. We have to stay here till 5, but the shop isn’t open.
Customer: But I’ve driven here from Conwy (a place in Wales 80miles away) because you’ve got something our branch doesn’t stock.
Me: I’m sorry madam. There. Was. A. Riot. People tried to kick our doors in. We are not opening the doors to anyone except the police. The staff are having to leave the shop in a group. I really suggest you go home.
I know closing early was inconvenient, but I would’ve thought perspective would’ve won this one.