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(I received a request for a laptop to be sent out to a new hire who was starting on July 6th – we had no laptops in stock at the time because our orders weren’t arriving on time, thanks to the company we purchase our laptops from. This woman put in the order on 7/3, a day no one at HQ works, and proceeded to call me on Monday)

Her: Hello, yes, is this IST?
(Note we’re actually called ITS)
Me: Yes, this is ITS.
Her: I ordered a laptop for [new hire] and it still hasn’t arrived, even though I asked for it to be overnighted AM!
Me: Can you give me the request item or task number for the order?
Her: (rattles off the RIT number) so…where is it?
Me: Ma’am… you ordered this laptop on the third, and he starts today.
Her: Yes? So?
Me: Ma’am, on the order page in red, bold print there is a message stating that all laptops would be on back order for at least a week, because our orders aren’t coming in on time from the supplier.
Her: Yes…but I figured you could make an exception!
Me: It also states that we ask you give us at least 15 days for a new hire laptop or desktop.
Her: Yes, but this was important! You have to ship this laptop out now so it can get here this evening!
Me: Ma’am, UPS doesn’t pick up shipments until 4:00 PM CST, and it won’t get there until at least tomorrow. We have no “same-day” shipping options.
Her: Well…that’s absurd, I’m calling HR about this!
Me: …Alright?
Her: (hangs up, never calls back again, and cancels the order for the new hire’s laptop)

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