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A guest called and asked the customer service representative if we had a out ja board.  The rep went to look, didn’t see it.  Came back to the phone and told the guest we didn’t have it.

About 1/2 hour later, a guest came to the service desk and said “I want to make a complaint.” Me: “okay,  what can I help you with?”. The guest: “I called up here and asked if you had a ouija board. The girl on the phone said you didn’t have one.  But, it is clearly in stock, on the shelf.” Me: “she may have missed it, I’m sorry.” Guest: “but there is one standing up, clearly in stock.” Me: “well, I do know she went and looked. I was just human error.” Guest: *rolled eyes* “no, it wasn’t”.

Oh, ok, yes we constantly just say no to everything because we don’t want you to come in and spend your money here.  Smh why do costumers think it’s us vs. Them?

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