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So I was at work sweeping near the window, and I see this man in a hoodie looking suspicious staring inside, and I couldn’t see his face. And honestly I got really scared. And since there is a gun range right next to my work, we’re always on high alert. So I told my boss. And my boss goes and looks for him. Once she found him, he starts yelling saying that he saw me “run” to my manager and say something about him. And that he thought I was his wife (keep in mind his wife is about 5’7. And is like a freaking bus wide. And then he bought up the race card saying just because he’s black and wearing a hood, he’s automatically a suspect and trying to start something. (Keep in mind he is yelling. Causing a scene. And EVERYBODY who is working at this very moment is black including myself ) and he points at me and yells, THIS IS HER FAULT. And then my Co worker jumped in about the gun range next to us and high alert. That’s when the wife jumped in saying that my co-worker called her ignorant (Which never happened since all she said during the entire scene was about the gun range). At that point, I went in the back and started crying. My boss was about to call the police, but then they cancelled their order and stormed out.