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( A while back I dyed my hair purple, because my job allowed that. As the purple began to fade, it turned a light green. A customer notices this and can’t help, but comment on it as I ring her up)
Me: Your total is $$$
(The customer then reaches over and grabs a chunk of my greenish hair and pulls it towards her, pulling me with it!)
Customer: Why is there green in your hair? Is that from chlorine or something?
(I gently pull my hair away from her and step back)
Me: Um..no. I dyed it purple a couple of weeks back and now it’s turned green.
Customer: Oh. When my kids swim in the pool their hair does that too. Why did it turn from purple to green?
Me: I don’t know. Your total is $$$
Customer: Well you should really fix that, it looks like you have been in the pool too long
Me: Um okay…
(She finally pays and then leaves. What ever happened to personal space?)