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(it’s midnight.)

Customer: *on phone* “Hello, there’s a family next door making lots of noise.”

Me: “Ok, sorry about that, we’ll check on it.”

(I go to the noisy room and knock, but no one answers. There’s a lot of hushing in the room and silence but no one answers. The next day, same time, there’s another complaint of loudness from the same room.)

Me: *calls up noisy room* “This is the front desk, we’ve gotten multiple complaints about your room being loud. Could you please keep it quiet, people are trying to sleep.”

Noisy Room: “Ok, no problem!”

(I make a note to my manager about the issue. Usually, we give a room two warnings, and then we call the police. Since the noisy room is going to be here one more night, I’m worried that they’ll make noise again. Two men for the noisy room come down and they smirk and laugh at me, but say nothing. The next day, I guess the manager spoke with them because they were quiet for once!  Still, I was happy when they left.)