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(I work at a Canadian Wal-Mart and part of my job is to ask every customer if they would like a Wal-Mart Rewards Mastercard. They had started to really crack down on cashiers for not asking and despite the usual customer grumbling, I was actually pretty good at getting them and so I never had any trouble from my managers. Still, one day, this older lady appeared and I gave my sales spiel)
Me: So would you like a Rewards Mastercard today?
Elderly Lade: Oh absolutely, it sounds just wonderful.
(Now when you do an application, you have to stop doing all transactions because your cash is bogged down doing the application. Luckily I was in express so while I focused on her, my co-workers all picked up the slack thankful that someone was getting an application today. About half way through the application I had to ask the woman for a credit card.)
Me: Alright, could I borrow a credit card for just a moment? I need to swipe it to register some information to make sure the data you’ve provided me is correct. It will also allow me to find out if you are pre-approved.
Elderly Lady: Now why would you need my credit card for this?
Me: As I said ma’am, you’ve provided me with an address and other information, when I swipe the credit card it cross verifies the information to speed up the process.
Elderly Lady: This seems like a lot of work for a rewards card.
Me: Well the Rewards Mastercard is quite handy to have and you can earn a fair amount back on the card. 1.25% on every dollar you spend at Wal-Mart and 1% everywhere else.
Elderly Lady: I know that, you already said that. I’m old, not stupid.
Me: I am sorry, I did not need to offend.
Elderly Lady: Still, I don’t see why you need a credit card for the rewards card, it’s not like it is a credit card.
Me: No ma’am, it is. It is a mastercard.
Elderly Lady: WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT! Cancel this application! I don’t need another credit card!
Me: -trying to hold my tongue cause the application takes about ten minutes to do and I had said that it was a mastercard in my spiel at least a dozen times- Alright, I will cancel the application. I am sorry that it is not to your liking.
Elderly Lady: Don’t you talk back to me, missy! I should report you for this attitude of yours.
Me: I am sorry you feel that way and that I was misunderstood
– before I could even finish the sentence, the woman had stormed away. Turns out not five minutes later she had gone to my manager to report me saying that I was lying to her to get her credit card information and that I was rude. My manager apologized and came up to me afterwards to laugh being that I was employee of the month and one of the friendliest cashiers that worked there-