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I have been at this job for over a year now, but about two months into it the company introduced ‘Treat Receipts.’ These entitle the customer, provided they have been in the store earlier the same day, to a tall yoghurt Frappuccino for £2. This is restricted to one per receipt.

Two young women, clearly tourists, are in the queue. One of them presents a Treat Receipt, asks for two venti yoghurt Frappuccinos, and things kick off.

Tourist 1: But it says for £2.
Me: That’s only for a tall size, and it’s one per receipt. There is nothing I can do.
Tourist 1: But I want for £2.
Tourist 2: Just charge for tall.
Me: No, it’s not worth my job.

Note: the company is very strict about promotions like this, and keep an eye on anyone they think is giving in to pressure like this.

Tourist 1: I want. For £2.
Me: No.
Tourist 1: Forget the drinks, just food.

They bought several cakes and paninis… which amounted to more than two venti Frappuccinos.

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