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I was on a holiday in the US and taking a wander through an outlet of a famous retail chain when I came across a display of guns. I was kind of staring at it for a while because the sale of guns is quite restricted in my home country and they are never sold in comparable stores. Another customer,  well groomed and personable, noticed me staring.

Other customer : Can’t decide,  hey?

Me: No, I  was just gawking. I’ve never seen most of these things in real life!

Other customer,  noticing my accent: Where are you from?

Me: Australia. We don’t really do guns there. Actually, I think most of these are banned.

Other customer : Well, how do y’all protect you women from the  [racial slur]?

Me: *opening and closing my mouth soundlessly while I  try not to say “What the actual f***?”*

Me, lamely: Er, we don’t generally find that a problem?