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(I work at a clothing store where, at the end of our transactions before printing the receipt, we’re prompted to ask the customer for both their email and their zip code. The email is of course for promotional purposes, while the zip code is for demographics, so corporate can see what areas people come from to shop at our store. I’ve just finished ringing up a woman in her late twenties or so when I get to this point in the transaction.)

Me: Alright, and could I just grab your email?

Customer: Oh, no thank you.

(About half of customers ask to skip the email part, so this is nothing new.)

Me: Okay, and what’s your zip code?

Customer: Do you really need that?

Me: Uh… it’s just what I have to ask you.

Customer: Yeah, but I don’t want them sending me stuff.

Me: Oh, I don’t think that’s how it works. They just ask for the zip code for—

Customer: No! They can find my address using the zip code, and I don’t want them sending me anything.

Me: Okay, but—

Customer: My dad works in retail, I know how this works.

(Apparently retail companies have access to all of their customers’ personal addresses through just the use of a zip code, when thousands of other people have the same zip codes… who knew!)