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Oldie but goodie.  I worked secondhand appliance retail and sold a nice grandmotherly lady a gas dryer.  Not three days later, right after it’s been delivered, she comes back in and wants to return it.

Me: Okay, I can do that, but may I ask why?
Customer: Well, it says in the manual that this thing has chemicals that cause cancer!  See, right here!
(She shows me the California Prop 65 warning box.)
Me: Well, most of our machines are going to have that warning, but it doesn’t mean…
Customer: I’m afraid to sleep with that thing in my house!  I need it out of there!
Me: (seeing I’m not going to win this one)  All right, let me go ring up that return.

The best part was the aftermath; normally, we got chewed out pretty heavily for not doing everything we could to prevent returns.  This time, though, my manager looked at me dumbfounded and didn’t say another word.