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(I work in a small ice cream shop. It’s about 10 minutes from closing when a car pulls into our lot, doesn’t even park in a spot, but just stops the car in the middle of the lot. The customer walks up to the window)
Female Coworker: Hello! What can I get for you?
Customer: I need 6 large [ice cream flavor]
Female Coworker: Sure! That’ll be [price].
Customer: *hands money over* Oh, and make sure to wear gloves when making my cones. I don’t want your dirty dark skin touching my cones.
(My female coworker is Caucasian, but has a tan that makes her seem darker. She asks a male coworker and I to make the cones, because she doesn’t want to deal with the customer. We use napkins to grab the cones, which we do anyway, and give them to the customer, after receiving all 6, they get angry)
Customer: You didn’t wear gloves while making my cones! I demand new ones!*throws the cones in the garbage can*
(Male Coworker and I are also Caucasian and have no tans, but we make her new ones anyways. This time with gloves)
Customer: Im never getting my ice cream here again! The service was horrible!
(The customer walks to their car with the cones)
Male Coworker: I hope she drops her cone. Im not making her a new one.
(As if on cue, she drops one of her cones. She comes back up to the window and demands another cone and a refund, but we refuse and close the window so we cannot hear her. She pounds on the window till we open it and say we will call the cops if she doesn’t leave.)

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