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I was working one night and a man came in wearing a shirt with his company logo and his name tag on it.  He came in with a condescending attitude which only got worse as things progressed.  He ordered a sandwich and I was ready to dress it.  We have a certain order that the ingredients should be placed. (There is an actual handbook complete with pictures, really!)  So I asked him which ingredients he wanted in the order that they should be placed on the sandwich.  He told me to shut up and the he would tell me the order of the dressings.  After changing his mind several times, I finally finished his sandwich.  When I got ready to put the top piece of bread on it, I accidentally knock off one of his tomatoes that had been covered in salt and oil.  The tomato landed on the board right next to the sandwich.  He went ballistic, and called me stupid.  At that point I just wanted him to get the you know what out of the store.  I  rang him up and he finally left.  The next customer came up and asked me what the jerk’s name was.  I told her.  She wrote it down and said, that she worked in the human resource department of the same company where the man worked.  She said that she was going to report him to his manager and she was going to record the incident in to his file.  Instant Karma.

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