15 Stories That Shows That Romance Isn’t Dead No Matter What Galaxy You’re In

| Right | May 4, 2021

It’s May The Fourth again!

It feels like only last year we brought you another May The Fourth roundup in celebration of all things from a galaxy far, far away, but like a fully armed and operational battle station, we just keep coming back!

This year we’ve decided to go with a “love among the stars (wars)” theme, with fifteen stories from our archives about that one thing a Jedi shall not have… love!


Failed Him For The Last Time – I squee squoo you, too!

A Light(Saber) Beer – I could really go for a Darth Lager.

The Relationship Strikes Back – Not one but two jackpots!

Banish That Child To Hoth – There’s no way to disappoint a parent more.

Movies And Icebergs And A New Hope, Oh My – Sounds like it’s time for a movie night!

Not Impressed With His Light Saber – This couple has big Sith energy.

This Is Not The Trilogy You Are Looking For – Time to throw the whole boyfriend away.

A Love Across The Star Wars – Now that’s dedication!

Force Play Beats Fore Play – Sounds like you’re better off just skipping straight to the Star Wars part.

All’s Fair In Love And Star Wars – Relationships are all about priorities.

Take A Shower Or Smell Like Dagobah – At least he’s not talking like Jar Jar Binks.

Got Their Heads In The Cloud (City) – What we’re learning is that no one should make Christmas specials.

Failed A Solo Question – That all depends on what you consider canon, honestly.

About To Meet The Death Star(e) – I was at a discount store once and found a shirt like the one in this story, but they’d spelled “Millennium” wrong. No wonder it was discounted!

He Can Feel Her Hate – The only way to gain the respect of a nerd is to out-nerd them.


We hope you enjoyed this Love-And-Star-Wars-themed roundup!. Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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