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15 Stories About The Craziness That Libraries Have To Put Up With

| Right | January 16, 2023

Dear readers,

Just because libraries have patrons and not customers, and just because purchases aren’t being made, it doesn’t mean libraries and those diligent and helpful souls who work in them are immune to the bad behavior often made by the customers on Not Always Right.

In solidarity with them, and because we here at Not Always Right believe that there should always be a place for libraries in society, we want to show them how much we appreciate them. We’ve rounded up fifteen stories from the Not Always Right archives about the craziness that libraries (and their librarians) have to put up with.


Cause Of Bad Education Is Ap(parent) – Great parenting going on here!

No One Is Stealing That ID – You might not want to ever see ID from this patron never, ever, ever!

Urine Way Over Your Head, Part 3 – Libraries offer so many services… but not that.

The Devil Revils In The Details – This happens every year!

Sharing One’s Loss, Part 2 – We know it seems like librarians know everything…

Books On Surveillance Tape – She needs to check out some books on the dangers of conspiracy theories.

Textual Discrimination – Complete blind ableism!

What Goes Around Comes Around – The cyclical nature of apathy.

Do As I Shout, Not As I Do – Ah, from the mouth of babes.

Stupidity Is The Mother Of Repetition, Part 2 – When they really really want to be a bad customer.

Just Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine – Just think of all the times the libraries have saved you from teaching grandma how to log into her email!

Students Don’t Hit The Books Like They Used To – How much do you want to bet this is their first taste of the real world?

Cutting Remarks – Most librarians have now mastered the “smile and back away slowly” method.

Breathless Anticipation – Librarians are miracle workers but they’re not telepathic.

Educational Programs Have Never Been More Needed – They need to go back to school… pre-school!


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