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15 Stories About How The Super Bowl Brings Out The Crazy In People!

| Right | February 12, 2023

Dear readers,

For those of you who are based in the United States and are inclined to a particular sport, you might have noticed that today is Super Bowl LVII! We could go into detail about the Philadephia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs and what they mean to the average fan, but this is Not Always Right so it’s a lot more fun to spot the crazies that come out when it’s Super Bowl season instead! From customers who think they should get normal service on one of the busiest days of the year, to staff refusing to serve fans of the opposing team, our archives have it all!

So, whether you’re a sports fan or not, or in the USA or not, take some time to relax this Super Bowl Sunday and enjoy these fifteen stories about how the Super Bowl brings out the crazy!


Superbowled Them Over With Realisation – When it’s Super Bowl Sunday but only for you and absolutely no one else.

Nothing Like Sports To Bring Us Together – Taking the right to refuse service a little too far!

Definitely Not In Pittsburgh – One of the less-offensive nicknames given to fans of certain teams…

Timing Was Not Their Chief Concern – How dare you run out of stock on the busiest day of the year!!!

A Hundred People Is A Hundred Percent Not Happening – Sounds like a problem for yesterday.

No One Wants To Play That Game With You – You don’t have to be a sports fan but don’t ruin it for those who are.

The Father Of All Email Fails – When a parent’s lack of planning becomes the fault of anyone else except them.

His “Super Bowl Special” Didn’t Taste As Good When It Arrived – The only SuperBowl where we can all agree the right team won.

Being A Good Sport About It – A good sports fan doesn’t force the sport on someone who isnt.

No One Here Is A Patriot – How very dare you even recommend it!

Super Bowl Scam Day – It might be the Super Bowl but it doesn’t mean the staff aren’t on the ball.

Doesn’t Have A Leg To Stand On, Part 2 – This Super Bowl, think of all the people who don’t knee-d to be bothered.

Putting The Fired Into Hired – The most likely sporting event to can get you fired.

Hotel California In Philadelphia – Oh… yeah… sports-ball!

And I’ll Get To Scotland Before You – And finally, how the Super Bowl madness can spread to countries that have nothing to do with it!


We hope you enjoyed this Super-Bowl-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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