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, | Unfiltered | May 12, 2019

(I was 13 at the time. I’m waiting  in line and my ear itches unbearably. I reach up to scratch it and I’m up to order.)

Me: *scratching ear* “Can I have a burger and a drink?”

Cashier: *wincing* “Ok what kind…?”

Me: *digging in ear* “Coke and a plain burger.”

(At this point my ear really starts itching even worse so I’m digging in it even harder. I realize the poor cashier is cringing at what I’m doing, so I stop and pay.)

Me: “Thank you..sorry.”

(I was embarrassed, but I was sorry to gross out the cashier. However after reading some of these stories, I’m sure that that wasn’t the worst she’s had! As for my ear, it turned out I had a sore that’s healed now. Whoops.)

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