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(We have a large selection of both breakfast and lunch sandwiches, all available on any one of our 20 different bagels. We also take orders at one register, and the customer pays at another – it keeps the line moving faster and makes it easier to make the food faster.)

Me: Hi there! What can I get for you today?
Customer (impatient): I want your bagel sandwich.
Me: Alright, which sandwich would you like.
Customer (looking at me like I’m an idiot): The breakfast sandwich.
Me: Which one of our breakfast sandwiches? (pointing to the menu board)
Customer: The one with egg.
Me: All of our breakfast sandwiches have egg on them.
Customer: Just the regular one.
Me: The bacon and cheddar sandwich is the most popular.
Customer: Not that one! I want the one with sausage!
Me: That would be the sausage and cheddar egg sandwich then.
Customer: NO! The OTHER one!
Me: Do you mean the [specialty sandwich]?
Customer: Of course.
Me: What kind of bagel would you like that on? (gesturing to the wall of bagels)
Customer (staring blankly at the wall, then back to me): I want the regular one.
Me: So, the plain bagel?
Customer: No, the one with cheese?
Me: The asiago?
Customer: No, the other one! (pointing to the specialty cheese bagel).
Me: Alright. So, that’ll be the [reads back order]. Do you want anything else?
Customer: Yes. I also want a large coffee and banana.
Me: Okay, you can go ahead and pay down at the other register. (points)

(Customer walks to the other register.)

Customer: Why is this so expensive?! The breakfast sandwich is only supposed to be [price of the cheapest breakfast sandwich with no sides or drinks]!

(Customer gets mad and storms out after getting food).

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