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(I work at a small business plant nursery as a cashier. Some of our customers tend to be not very knowledgeable when it comes to the plants they are searching for.)

*An elderly woman comes in*
Me: “Hello, welcome to [Store name]. How can we help you today?”

Customer: “Do you have any plants? My husband loves plants.”

*salesperson nearby hears this and gets a panicked look in her eyes*

Me: “Why, yes! We do! [Salesperson] here would be happy to show you all the plants we have and help you pick something out!”

*[Salesperson] gives me a death stare as sweet old lady goes up to her and start talking*

I then watched as my fellow employee had to show this lady every plant in the store for over an hour and help her find a suitable plant for a gift.

That salesperson has now quit.