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Currently I’m a Retired Hotel Manager..
Back in the 1990s, while managing a Hotel in Waikiki, I was paged to meet a guest at the front desk regarding a complaint regarding our F&B Director. As I had greeted the guest at the front desk, and escorted her to talk in private at my office she shared her complaint stating: ” I don’t know how to tell you this, but your F&B Director has an very foul breath odor which reflects badly on your hotel and you need to tell him to do something about his foul breath.”  I had apologized to the guest, thanked her for her concerns regarding our F&B Director and offered her a complimentary dinner at one of our restaurants. I did have a meeting with our F&B Director regarding correcting his personal hygiene. Our F&B Director is always the well best dresser in nice looking suit & tie, but without good personal hygiene, it is a big embarrassment to our hotel brand.

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