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I work in the Emergency Room as the front desk person who check in patients. My job is not to diagnose but to right down a short summary of the patient’s symptoms. One night I’m working and a woman walks in and
says, “I need to be checked in for pain in my stomach. It hurts really bad and I really need a doctor to check on me.”
My job is to not ask questions but we are required to see everyone, always. Well I check her in and sit at the desk waiting for the next person to check in. I see this woman pacing back and forth on the other side of the waiting room and then after a moment she stops. She walks over to me and
says, “Can you take me off the list? I don’t need to seen anymore”.
It can be a liability issue if I don’t find out more information and have her sign a form.
I ask, “How come you don’t need to be seen anymore?”
She says, “Oh it was just a fart!”
Me, “uuhhhh”.
And this is definitely not the weirdest thing I’ve seen!

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