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During my first experience working in a call center, I was assigned to handle a very specific, niche technical product that didn’t receive many calls. To keep from getting bored during known downtimes (under the guise of “research on excellent customer service”), we would prank call the other hotlines in the call center (it housed popular consumer products as well as  some one-off things like political campaign hotlines.)

One call was so memorable I have used it as an example in customer service training ever since:

Them: “Thank you for calling Betty Crocker. How can I bake your day?”

(I maintain to this day she said “bake”.)

Me: My Bisquick is broken.

Them: I’m so sorry to hear that! Can you tell me what happened?

Me: It doesn’t work. I tried making muffins and they didn’t rise. Then I tried making biscuits like on the box and they were just a big sticky mess.

Them: That’s terrible! Muffins should be fluffy, and biscuits flakey! It is definitely not expected nor acceptable for our product to do that.

Do you have the box with you?

Me: Yes, although I was tempted to throw it in the trash.

Them: I would too, to be honest! Lets get a little bit of information from you, and we’ll send out a replacement right away, and a recipe book, and some other goodies. We wouldn’t want a baker like yourself to have a bad taste (chuckles) in their mouth. Lets get you back to baking right away!


Now, in this particular instance, I was the asshole antagonist (I went on with my story a bit about how i was ready to swear off all general foods products, etc), and the Betty Crocker agent countered me at every turn, never lost her cheery attitude, and sympathized with me the whole turn. Top marks entirely.

After the call I went over and found her and brought her some candy from the vending machine.

A few days later I got everything she’d promised in the mail from General Foods. Great service team.

I highly recommend you call their 800 number if you want to see some agents at the top of their game sometime :)