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(I’m in the queue at the post office behind a lady who is trying to pay her electric bill. She hands the cashier her payment card, when…)

Cashier: Oh, the magnetic strip on this is pretty worn, it won’t swipe. I’ll key in the number by hand, but you might want to contact the company and ask for a new card.
Customer: What? Why would I do that?
Cashier: Well, someone might type the number in wrong by accident.
Customer: How dare you! I don’t come here for you to get my number wrong! I expect better service!
Cashier: M-Madam, I have no intention of getting it wrong, I just thought…
Customer: Well, don’t! I’m shocked that you’d be so insolent as to tell me my business.

(The manager on duty comes over from the next register to ask if everything’s okay, as the woman is being quite loud.)

Customer: You! You need to train your employees better! This one was about to put my money on someone else’s account!
Manager: Madam, I assure you–
Customer: Your useless staff member can’t even key in a number right! Why do you hire these idiots?
Manager: Madam, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.
Customer: What?
Manager: I won’t put up with you treating my employees like this. Please take your card and go. And get a new one from your provider before you come into my post office again.

(The customer snatches her card back and walks off in a rage, to the tutting of everyone in the shop. I walk up to the register.)

Me: Are you okay? She was awful!
Cashier: That was the third time this week…

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