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I work as Front Desk in a Holiday Inn during the Night shift. There are 2 in my town. About 30 minutes after my shift starts, i get this call
Lady: Hello, i would like to cancel my Reservation for tomorrow
Me: Ok, what’s the name?
Lady: [Name]
Me: Ma’am, that name isn’t showing up. Do you have the Confirmation number?
Lady: Yes. it is [number]
Me: Ma’am, that’s not showing up either. Are you sure you’re talking to the right Holiday Inn? This is the Inn & Suites, not the Express.
Lady: No, i need to talk to the Inn & Suites.
Me: Not the Holiday Inn Express?
Lady: No, the La Quinta Inn & Suites.
Me: Ma’am, this is the HOLIDAY INN & SUITES
Lady: Oh. Goodbye

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