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A woman comes in to return two dresses and a pair of heels.  She has trouble finding the receipt, so I pull up the transaction on our computer. It turns out that it’s past our return period, which means that she’s supposed to get store credit worth the current selling price of whatever she’s returning.  We often have managers override this if it’s less than a week past the return-by date, but the computer won’t show us that.  The shoes are currently selling for less than what she paid, so in case of trouble I call the manager over while she continues to look for her receipt.

Woman: You know, I wore the other dress I bought with these to a party in New York.

Me: Really?

Woman: Yeah, it was thrown by [Prominent Mob Boss].  You’ve heard of the [Prominent Mob Family], right?

Manager and Me: Yes…

Woman: The dress I wore was by this designer [points to tag], and while I was there a man came up to me and asked, “Are you wearing a [designer] dress?”  I said I didn’t know, and he said, “I think you are, because I designed that dress!  That dress is by [designer]!”  And then he took me up to [Prominent Mob Boss’ Wife] and said, “You have to meet her, she’s wearing my dress!”

Manager and Me: …Very cool…

Woman: Yeah, yeah, it was.

Manager: I’m afraid this is past the return period, though, I can’t put it back on your card AND give you back the full price.

Woman: [Launches into tirade about our terrible return policy even though she has no receipt.]

She ended up getting some of her money back on the card, and some of it in store credit, which is the sort of compromise we often do.  I don’t realize that she might have been trying to intimidate us with the mob story until the next day.

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