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(I was at the cash station ringing up a customer’s purchases when another lady queued up behind her ready to make hers. There was only her and the woman I was currently ringing up. My manager is behind me busy with visuals for the store. There are 4 registers but at most we’ll open a second if it starts to get really busy and there are more than 4 people in line.)
Woman: (to my manager) Can’t you open a second register?
Manager: We’re not currently able to.
Woman: Gosh it’s like (large chain store) you have a bunch of registers but only one is open.

(this is clearly making the customer ahead of her uncomfortable. The customer in front of this woman is pretty much done with her purchase by now anyway.)
Customer: Finally.
(I ring through her purchase and it gets to the payment screen. I have to ask for debit or credit because it’s difficult to see the cards they use. She says it’s debit, but later I realize she needed credit. Her purchase wouldn’t go through. She left in a huff without making her purchase of one item… )