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For about a year, I worked at a mall-chain cookie store, and while customers would form more of a mob than a line (our store had a glass display of all the cookies and some cakes wrapping around the front of the store) my coworkers and I can keep tabs on who came up first.

On one of the busy mob days, my coworker and I were both dealing with a customer (which will sometimes cause us to pass other costumers to grab a cookie they want.) when I pass an older lady and her husband.

Old Lady: “Hello! We would like to order something please!”

I glance up at her and she has a ‘you should be serving me right now, but I’ll forgive you.’ while her husband shakes a fist with money in it.

Me: *trying to stay patient as possible* “I know ma’am, but as you can see, there are people in front of you. When my coworker and I get done with them, we’ll get to you.”

I overhear her say something along the lines of, “I don’t understand the wait since we’re paying costumers,” and I lose it. I look at her from behind a sign on the counter and give her a ‘are you serious?!’ face, before ignoring her and going back to my current customer and ringing her out.

Once I’m done, I turn around to see that the older lady and her husband are gone.

Me to my coworker: “Where’d she go?”

I found out that when he skipped a costumer in front of her to serve her she said she wouldn’t be eating her since she didn’t like my attitude.

I’m all for respecting your elders, but I have absolutely NO patience for rude, entitled people like that lady. Good riddance!