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(I work in an ice cream stand that offers a lot of items, but is rather small, and looks like it belongs in a carnival. All the tables/chairs are outside so it’s clear that it’s not open to customers to come inside. My coworker and I are seated on stools since there’s no customers when a driver pulls up to the window, walks past the open window where I’m sitting, and yanks open our door, trying to walk inside.)
Tourist: Yeah, is [National Park] down this road? I need directions.
Coworker: *standing in front of door to stop him from entering* Yes, sir, if you follow that road it’ll take you there.
Tourist: Can you draw me a map? I’ll just take a seat inside.
Coworker: Sir, you can’t come in here, due to health reasons and our boss’s rules. If you’ll take a seat at the tables outside my coworker will finish up the map and we’ll bring it to you- or you can come to our open window there.
Tourist: What the f***? I’m a customer. You have to let me in!
Me: Sir, we aren’t allowed to let anyone in. *hands him a drawn map to the park* Here you go. Have a nice day.
Tourist: F*** all you uneducated southerners. This is why you all lost the war! *storms off*
Me: ….He didn’t buy anything, did he?
Coworker: *jokingly* Yankees, am I right?

(It should be noted that my coworker is from VA, but I am a military brat who grew up all over the country and in Europe, and neither of us have southern accents.)

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