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My bf is the bad customer in this story

We were having dinner in this restaurant which serves salmon cooked in three different styles: Grilled, blackened and pan-seared with sesame. This is not the first time ordering, so I wasn’t paying much attention.

BF: We’ll have the salmon please.
Waiter: How would you like it?
BF: Grilled, blackened and pan-seared.
Waiter: Um… Sorry sir?
BF: Grilled, blackened, pan-seared.
Waiter: Um…. Sesame?
BF: Yes, grilled, blackened and pan-seared with sesame!

Poor waiter stood there wondering how to write the order down.

Me (suddenly realizing and paying attention): Sesame, please get us the pan-seared with sesame, thanks.
Me (to bf): You doofus! Think of how you just ordered…
BF (after thinking): Oh…… I’m an idiot……