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(I work for a Telecommunication company and we receive calls from business customers. Most of them are billing issues. By company policies we can’t never be rude tio the customer and be patient all the time. I received a call from a client that my trainer warned us was difficult.)

Customer: Why does my phone tells me it has used 4GB of data in just ten days?We use it mostly for Wi-Fi!

Me: I understand the problem and do apologize sir. In this case I think the most likely issue is that your phone is currently using data without your consent.

Customer: (Very rudely) The doesn’t make sense! All of us have our phones with Wi-Fi!

Me: I understand sir. Unfortunately smartphones will sometimes connect to the data network and dismiss the Wi-Fi network when the data network is stronger. In this case I would recommend you to turn your cellular data off each time you use Wi-Fi so your phones doesn’t use data without your consent.

Customer: (Libid) That is the most ridiculus thing I have ever heard! What’s the point of buying a $1000 phone if a I have to do this! This is all your fault!

Me: I understand your situation sir. Unfortunately this is not an issue with us. Most phones are designed this way by the manufacturer…

Customer: But you seel those crappy phones to us!

Me: I understand your frustration sir. Unfortunately in this case the issue is with Apple not with us.

Customer: Of course it’s with you! You selled us this defective devices! I’m not paying for things that are your fault!
Me: Sir…

Customer: You know what?! Bring me your supervisor! Brin me someone that will fix this for me!

(My supervisor picked the call. I have to admit i thought my trainer was lying when he told us about this customer. To this day I have never felt so dumbfounded by the amount of idiocy in that call. I would have even given him a credit if he had just been kind.)

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