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I’m a cashier at a big chain store in our town, and this day, I’m ‘babysitting’ the self checkouts. I’m standing there, watching the machines. We have one down and two that are card only at the time, and I usually try to catch customers before they start, and tell them, even though the machine states it clearly before the transaction starts. Being card only, the machines can’t give cash back. A lady comes up, and I watch her start scanning her items. She’s been there for maybe three minutes when my machine beeps an error. I walk over and swipe my badge on the one she’s using. Her: “I don’t know what happened, I’ve been calling for help for the last five minutes!” I try not to roll my eyes at this because if she had called me for help on the system, my machine would have told me, and she obviously hadn’t said anything. Me: “Well, this machine is card only, so it won’t take cash or give it back.”
I correct the problem with the press of a button.
Her: “Well, I think someone should have told me before I started checking out.” Everything I’ve said has been in a flat, even, emotionless voice. I was pregnant at the time and my thoughts were on my break and food. Me: “It says it before you start. You have to press the Yes button to continue…” She mumbles something and storms off with her items. I call after her: “Have a nice day!” Ten minutes later I see her walking away from the Customer Service desk. She had only bought some jerky, so I know she wasn’t making a return! I still don’t know if she was trying to get me written up.

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