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(I’m an adult and still live with my parents. My Mother is slightly smaller than me and she gets MY hand me downs. I had put on a tiny bit of weight recently and as such quite a few clothes didn’t fit and my mother was going through them.)

Mother: *holding up a shirt with a constellation Kittycorn that had pompoms on it* “Oooh I love this one! I’m going to try it on.

Me: “Go for it, Ma.”

Mother: *comes out wearing it and it playing with the pompoms* “These are distracting, how did they not bother you?”

Me: *laughing*

(A few days later:)

Mother: “Look what is my new pajama top!” *comes in wearing the shirt*

Me: “Does it not bother you?”

(I sleep on my stomach so I meant having something lumpy under you.)

Mother: *playing with them again* “They don’t distract me while I’m sleeping.”