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I work at a well-known, big box, low-price retailer. Said retailer has a sister company, which is a well-known warehouse club store.
Me: Thank you for calling (big box retailer). How may I direct your call?
Caller: Do you know how much membership is to (warehouse club)?
Me: No, I don’t.
Caller: Can you look it up somewhere?
Me: No, I’m sorry.
Caller: But your stores are connected! How do you not know! I don’t want to call them! It’s too much hassle!
At this point, I could have gotten on the walkie and asked if anyone knew, as many of the associates are members of the warehouse store, but frankly, at that point, I didn’t want to.
Me: I’m sorry, but that is what you’ll have to do. I can give you their number.
Caller grumbles about it being such a hassle, but I give him the number and hang up.