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(I am answering the phones for new claims on a travel insurance we ask the customers basic information about their trip to log the claim)

Me: Ok Mrs X and what date did you start your trip

Customer: I didn’t know you were going to ask me this I thought I would just fill in a form.

Me : ok, I’m sorry, we don’t send out blank forms now, we talk the whole claim through, if you don’t remember the trip dates then you can call another time with that to hand.

Customer: NO I will not call back I’ve been waiting on hold for thirty minutes, it’s YOUR JOB.

( I look at the wait time, it’s  23 seconds)

Me: Ok mrs X I’m sorry you held so long, look if you don’t know your dates and things now, we can use some mock dates and I can give you a reference, just to give you peace of mind it’s registered,

(the customer is satisfied with this and we go through most of the call amiably)

Me: OK! so you’ve told me (I recap her claim ) Last thing I need to know is what country did you travel to?

Customer: *Proudly* I know this one!! Crete.

Me: *slams face into keyboard*