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I work at a certain well-known, big box retailer that sells groceries as well as general merchandise. I am folding clothes in infants, which is at the edge of GM, near grocery, and a customer approaches me.
Customer: Can you help me over in grocery?
Me: That’s not really my department, but I can try. What were you needing help with?
Customer: I got some agave nectar. It rang up as $5, but I’m sure it said $3.
I go with the customer to the aisle and look at the various agave nectars. I compare them to the bottle she has.
Me, pointing to the price sign on the shelf: It says right here that it is $5. I see the smaller one next to it is $3. Sometimes products slide over into the next spot. That’s probably what happened.
Customer: It says right there that it is $3.
Customer points to small number in the corner of the shelf label.
Me, in disbelief: That’s the unit price. It tells you how much it is per pound.

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