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Note: We do delivery through an online company separate from our restaurant and they will give a time for the delivery but it does not take into consideration how busy our restaurant is at that moment, sometimes we have to call the person and tell them their delivery will take longer than it was originally thought.
I am a sixteen year old girl who has been working here for a few months.

Customer: Hello?
Me: Hello, this is *Restaurant Name* I’m calling about your delivery order, we are not going to be able to deliver it by 7:00 it’s going to take at least an hour from now, I’m sorry.
Customer:You know this is the second time you guys have done this, said it would be one time and calling and saying it will take longer. The last time this happened by food was cold, it was disgusting!
Me: I’m very sorry about that but we are very busy right now and can’t make it by 7:00
Customer: This is unacceptable! Just tell whoever makes the food that I need it by 7:00!
Me: I’m sorry, Ma’am, but we won’t be able to do that, we are very busy at the moment.
Customer: This is ridiculous! I want to talk to your manager.
Me: I’m sorry but my manager is very busy at the moment and can’t talk.
Customer: I want to talk to your manager.
Me: I’m sorry, but my manager is also a chief and when it gets this busy he helps to make the food, he can’t talk to you right now.
Customer: You’re serious? Your manager is a chief? You have to have a manager that works customer control and things like this.
Me: I’m sorry but we don’t.
Customer: Put your manager on the phone now!
*note, at this point I am looking directly at my manager and he is nodding to my statement that he can’t talk*
Me: I can’t put him on the phone, he is busy.
Customer: Then what is your name?
Me: Why do you want to know my name?
Customer: Because I’m going to come in and complain.
Me: Look, there is really nothing I can do for you.
Customer: You can’t give me your name?
Me: I’d rather not.
*Customer hangs up*

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