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(I’m on WIC, and I’m checking out in front of an older man and a couple of teen boys. I tell the cashier I’m using one of the checks, and the older man groans.)
Man: Ugh, why can’t you s**** just keep your legs closed? I don’t want my tax money paying for some welfare babies!
Me: Sir, I just wanna get food and go home.
Man: To your sugar daddy’s house? Does he have some mansion up in the mountains or something?
Me: No, I’m in [trailer park] right now. That’s all we can afford.
Man: F***ing trailer trash, I should have known!
(The teenage boy behind him finally gets tired and taps him on the shoulder.)
Teen: Look, sir, that poor girl already told you that she doesn’t wanna hear this, and I’m pretty tired of it too. Plus she’s probably stressed out enough, being pregnant and having to rely on government assistance. So how about you leave her alone for a bit?
Man: Well, all these kids today being rude! *storms off*
(The teen ended up buying me a couple candy bars, and told me that I shouldn’t worry about people like the older man.)

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