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(I’m new, and the manager has told me to go and help the customers. I’m feeling unsure but try my best.)

Me: “Hello.”

Customer: “Hello, I was wondering if you could call the other place and have them deliver an item to this one?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, sir, but we don’t do that.”


(Shocked by his sudden flare of temper, I scuttle off for my manager. Unfortunately, she has gone to get lunch and the only one here is the sales manager. I meekly explain what happened and the customer is upset. Very reluctantly, the sales manager goes to the irate customer. I go help some other customers and see the irate customer leave. Later, my manager calls me to her office.)

Manager: “What happened with that customer earlier?”

Me: “He suddenly got mad when I told him that we don’t deliver between stores.”

Manager: “I’ll let this go this time, but next time you make a customer mad, you’re getting written up! Customers are always right, here.”

(I ended up getting fired soon after that for a similar situation, and now I’m in a job where customers don’t flare up at you for no reason and managers are around to help.)