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(It’s early in the morning and I’m standing at the register whilst my co-worker goes to buy something. A customer walks into the shop who, the day before, had spent 3 hours walking around and making small chat, therefore driving us all crazy)
Customer #1: So how was your day? (to Customer #2)

Customer #2: Me? Um.. It was okay.

Customer #1: *asks everyone in the room how their day was and  proceeds to eat a broken cookie*

Me: U-Uh.. Ma’am, are you going to pay for that?

Customer #1: No! It’s broken!

Customer #3: *takes another, full-sized cookie out of the jar and pays for it, before eating it immediately*

Customer #1: *pushes customer #3 away, screams profanities and demands a refund*

(It turns out Customer #1 has some sort of mental problem. My boss eventually had to threaten to call the police. She never came back again.)

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